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The USS New York
This vessel is a World War I vintage battle cruiser built in Philadelphia in 1891 and scuttled by the US Navy at the approach of the Japanese in 1941. Situated between Alava Pier and the northern end of the runway, the New York lies on its port side in 27 meters (85 feet) of water. This historic old war horse still has its cannons intact and is a perfect wreck for underwater photography. There is no curent and the visibility ranges from 5-15 meters (16-45 feet). The marine life on this site consists of barracuda,talakitok, lionfish, lapu lapu, spotted seet lip, lobster, and spotted rays. 

This vessel is situated between Grande Island and the southern tip of the runway, this landing craft lies in 32 meters, sitting upright with its door open. The average dive is 28-35 meters, and the visibility is normally 15-30 meters, slightly deeper than other wrecks and often with slight current, still a safe dive with plenty to see.

The wreck is situated near the inner channel marker of Ilanin Bay. A small freighter, the El Capitan lies on its port side with its stern in 5 meters while its bow rests in 20 meters. Starting the dive from 18 meters there's a nice swim through the accommodation area and one can expect to encounter the average tropical fish species of the shallows in this area. Visibility is 5-20 meters depending on tide.

Situated 400 meters off Alava pier. Maximum depth on this dive is 20 meters (60 feet) with visibility of 5-15 meters (15-45 feet) depending on the time of year. The Oryoku Maru was an outbound passenger ship carrying families as well as 1600 American prisoners of war when it was attacked by American aircraft. The marine life on this site is of a more varied tropical assortment due to the shallow depth. Flattened by explosives for navigational reasons.
This tangled artificial reef is home for all species of shallow water marine life, clown fish, angel fish, spotted sweet lip, lobster and with regular schools of barracuda and talakitok swimming overhead.

This vessel is situated between Alava Pier and the northern end of the runway. A Japanese cargo vessel of approximately 30,000 tons sunk by the American Navy in 1945, the Seian Maru lies on its portside in 27 meters (85 feet). As you swim through its cavernous holds, you will encounter talakitok, spotted sweet lip, coral trout and other species of marine life found in this area. The average dive begins at 18 meters (52 feet) and ranges to 24 meters (75 feet) with visibility from 5-15 meters, depeding on the tide.

This vessel is situated in Triboa Bay at a depth of 20 - 25 meters (60-75 feet). Sitting upright the wreck is a great dive with visibility from 7-13 meters (20-40 feet)and plenty of marine life. We have placed a cable from the bow of the ship across to the coral reef where the divers can finish their dive in 3 meters (10 feet). Enjoying a vast array of coral and tropical fish.

This vessel is also situated in Triboa Bay but closer to the end of the runway, lies on the edge of a reef with its starboard side lower. Depth is 5-20 meters (25-60 feet) with visibility from 10-16 meters (30-50 feet). This is a great dive for the underwater photographer.

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