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Dive these sites when staying at Pandan Island Dive Resort.
Diving trips can also be arranged to Apo Reef.

House Reef

Depths between 2 - 20m. Ideal for beginners or a warm-up dive. A wide variety of coral fish such as parrot fish, butterfly fish, trigger fish and sergeant major can be seen. Nearby 'lion fish den' consists of a couple of rocks overgrown with soft and hard corals and teeming with lion fish.

Coral Garden East and West

Depths between 5 - 25m. Another easy but beautiful dive. In a lively garden of hard and soft corals all kinds of marine life can be observed such as surgeon fish, trigger fish, coral trouts, stingrays, moray eels, sand eels, cuttle fish and an occasional turtle. In the deeper parts of the dive, large gorgonians and Neptune cups are abundant.

Napoleon Wall

Depths between 30 - 40m. On the edge of the wall at 30 m big schools of snappers and mackerels can be watched, although the big attraction of this dive site are the big napoleon wrasses reaching up to 1,5 m in length, which often come for a visit. Tunas and trevallys are common visitors to this reef that is overgrown with gorgonians. In the right time of the month drift dives can bee made until Coral Garden east.

Neptune's Land

Depths between 18 - 30 m. This dive is a flat plateau connecting Napoleon Wall and the Coral Garden east. As the name indicates Neptune cups to a considerable size can be found. Also turtles seem to favor this place.

Anchor & Christmas Tree

Depths between 25 - 42 m. On a underwater hill at a depth of 32 m, completely overgrown by corals, a huge anchor has come to rest at least 50 years ago. Snappers, barracudas and pelagic fish can be seen. At the bottom of the hill is a tree-like sea nettle, all white.

North Wall

A sheer drop from about 7- 35 m makes that place an interesting dive site. Although not as many fish as in other parts of the island can be seen, the overhanging corals create a very special atmosphere. Pelagic fish such as tuna and mackerel are frequent.

Barracuda Deep

Depths from 30- 45 m. Probably the most advanced dive around the island. A wall at 30 m depth facing the South China Sea is the place to see big schools of trevallys, fusiliers, surgeon fish, spanish mackerels and unicorn fish. Eagle rays and napoleons are often seen as well as barracudas up to a size of 1,5 m. The whole wall is overgrown with hard and soft corals and the gorgonians reach a considerable size.

Dive these divesites when staying at Pandan Island Dive Resort.

Dive Safaris

One of the most exciting activities on Pandan Island is to go on a dive safari with one of two dive boats, M/B Amas or M/B Mahal. Both vessels are local outrigger boats, called 'bangkas' or 'bancas' and are custom built for dive safaris, they provide fast and safe transport to all the dive sites and a large shaded area to spend your surface intervals.

Modern navigation and communication equipment, Schifauer air compressors, Wenoll oxygen systems and flushing toilets are standard on both bancas. Two main destinations for safaris are Apo Reef, with its coral gardens and deep walls for one or two days trips and Coron (Busuanga) with its hundred of islets and its famous World War II wrecks for four to six days trips. For those divers who do not have a lot of time but still would like to experience the thrill of a wreck dive, they also organize three day trips to the the nearest - and probably best kept - wreck of Busuanga, the Dimalanta Wreck. This safari also includes dives on Apo Reef.

Trips to Apo Reef are organized on a regular basis, about two to three times a week, the safaris to Busuanga are about twice a month.

Interested in a dive vacation around Pandan Island? Send us e-mail for pricing and availability 

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