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In a country like the Philippines where typhoons and monsoons are accepted realities, can you imagine a place where you can scuba dive year-round?  

Over the last decade, Panagsama beach, more popularly known as Moalboal, which is the small town to which it belongs, has become the favorite haunt of serious scuba divers. Just 2 and a half hours drive over paved roads from Cebu City takes you to Moalboal town proper, home to approximately 15,000 cebuanos, mostly farmers and fishermen. A brief, bumpy ride over a dusty dirt road brings you to Panagsama Beach (population: approximately 320 households or 2,500 people), which one easily notices as being a spot designed primarily for the diving tourists. The ambience is laid-back and friendly. Strikingly absent are the hawkers and hustlers ussually pushing their wares and services in most tourist towns. Even the t-shirt peddlers are somehow less aggressive than their counterparts in Boracay, for instance. The children are more interested in their hand-made tops, which they expertly spin and aggressively hit against each other's, than in the latest tourist arrival.

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