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3 m. - 10 m.    January/February
10 m. - 30 m.   March till May
10 m. - 15.     June till December
The current in El Nido is ussually caused by tidal currents which are very slight to moderate depending on tidal fluctuations. Very manageable and divers can stil swim back to the boat. 
Water temperature
December - March 21 C to 25 C
April - November 25 C to 28 C


Divesites in El Nido, Palawan
  Type of dive Recommended Depth(meters) Accessibility
(Type of wind/month)
Miniloc Front Fish Feeding/Slope reef 18 m. All year
Small Lagoon Flat reef/shallow 10 m. SW/June-Nov
South Miniloc Shallow reef/between 2 islands 18 m. All year
Twin Rocks Reef slope 15-24 m. All year
West Miniloc Drop-off 24-33 m. N/NE/Dec-May
Tres Marias Rocks/shallow reef 12-21 m. All year
Pinaglugaban Slope reef/rocks 21 m. N/NE/Dec-May
West Entalula Drop-off 24-36 m. All year
South Entalula Flat reef/drop-off 21 m. N/NE/Dec-May
Popolcan Steep slope reef/rocks 30 m. All year
North Rock/Crossing Reef between 2 islands 25 m. All year
Og's Reef Submerged reef 18-21 m. All year
Cauayan Rock Steep slope/reef 24 m. NE/March-May
Dilumacad Tunnel dive 15 m. All year except during northwind
Picanayas Submerged reef 15 m. All year
Inambuyod Slope reef 24-36 m. All year
Tambalanang Rocks 24 m. March-June
Cagbantang Slope reef 18 m. All year
South Matinloc Steep slope/reef 24-36 m. All year
West Matinloc Rock/Shallow cave 21 m. NE/March-June
Tapiutan Rocks/Natural arches 24 m. NE/March-June
Destacado Rocks Pinnacle rock/submerged reef 18 m. NE/March-June
Bajura Serena Submerged reef 18 m. All year
Nap's Reef Submerged Reef 18 m. All year

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