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Diving Season

The diving season in Busuanga is from October to May. 


Concepcion Wreck

This is a wreck of a Japanese cargo ship sunk by American submarines during World War II. The cargo ship was on its way to Leyte Gulf from Japan, laden with war materials for the beleaguered Japanese forces during the Battle of Leyte Gulf. Some of the portions are still intact although the valuable fittings have been salvaged. Its location and the fact that the main deck is only 9 meters deep make the wreck an interesting divesite. The wreck is host to an amazing number of fish. 

Northwest Rock/Sail Rock/Kalotoko Rocks

All three are prominenet landmarks with a dense fish population, inclusing big jacks, fusiliers, barracudas, Spanish mackeerels and small, black and whitetip sharks. There are a few small reeef fish. The short drop-offs end at around 4.5 to 8 meters deep, with slopes studded with coral pathes running down to around 18 to 28 meters. Kalotoko is reportedly a good area for shark observation. 

Pinnacle Rock

The base of the rock site is about 4.5 to 6 meters. There is little variety of coral with only small patches in most places. The site is overrun with fish - fusiliers, surgeon fish, small garoupas, snappers, small reef fish are all here, and colonies of crayfish have been seen on various occasions. Whitetip sharks up to 2 meters long also visit the area. There is good snorkelling in the shallows.

Dumumpalit Island

This 90-meter high island site on a reef extends northeast and southwest, with the latter offering the best diving. The bottom slopes gently from the shoreline to 24 meters and the slope is covered by a whitish-pink soft coral garden. Visibility is ussually around 30 meters.

Brown Rock

More appropriately called Butulan Rocks, these two barren, brown-colored rocks are 50 meters high and are easily identified. The eastern and western sides of the southern rock make interesting dives with a good coral garden on the western side. Parrot fish are common and hammerhead sharks measuring up to 2.5 meters long have been seen.

Framjee Bank/Magallanes Bank

An experienced boatman is needed to locate these sites which lie beneath the surface with no convenient navigational landmarks close by. The shallowest sections are in about 6 meters of water, with gradual slopes leading off into infinity. The areas are known for big pelagic fish and sharks. When currents are running, here are big bonito and tuna. 

Dimakya Island

The divesites around this island are some of the divesites around Club Paradise resort situated in the northern portion of Busuanga. Dimakya Island descriptions


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